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Community Building

Kabuuma Joint Family Assocation

An interfaith village co-operative

The village co-operative includes families that work together on issues such as adoption of orphans, agriculture, education and enterpreneurship.

IRFF provides seeds, tools and expertise for agricultural projects such as chicken farming, planting and care of fruit trees.

Between 2009 and 2012 a community centre was built, and it now provides basic medical support, computer and dress-making classes to the villagers.

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Our child sponsorship program supports the children at Destiny Junior School. Your sponsorship will provide a daily meal, supplies, and help in the expansion of the school. You can also sponsor a teacher to help pay for their salaries.

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The International Relief & Friendship Foundation (IRFF) is dedicated to the purpose of finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease while promoting opportunities for long-term sustainable development for communities in need.

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