Our Mission

Finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease.


Providing Education


Combatting Disease


Teaching Self-Sustainability

IRFF creates opportunities for human development, community welfare and social progress through educational service projects and our holistic programs which promote sustainability, while endorsing the essential principles of compassion and cooperation as the cornerstones of world peace.

Our Origins

Founded in 1980 under this principle of "living for the sake of others", IRFF was created for the purpose of providing humanitarian relief to those individuals and families devastated by poverty, illness, natural disasters and conflict. IRFF UK believes that all human beings have the right to adequate food, shelter, education and access to medical care. Through extending the hand of friendship, we seek to help foster peace and development amongst the family of humankind by breaking down barriers between communities, faith groups and cultures by providing assistance to those in need. 

IRFF Mobile Medical Team
Our Aims
  • Eradication of HIV/AIDS through provision of values based health education.

  • Provision of education for underprivileged children.

  • Teach business and agriculture related skills to adults.

  • Developing teamwork skills through working with partners.

  • Providing a model of living for others, by serving the poorest families in each community.

  • Empowering community leaders through teaching life skills and achieving self-sufficiency.

How does it operate now? 

IRFF UK has Trustees and a Working Board which makes decisions regarding the running of the charity. In addition, it has UK country coordinators who work alongside the project directors in the field countries. IRFF UK is always looking for partners who can assist in some way (e.g. with logistics, partial funding, etc.). One such partner is the Rotary Club which has helped to furnish the library at Destiny Junior School in Uganda with books, chairs and shelves.

Future plans for IRFF UK

Our ongoing plan and expectation is to help most of our projects become self-sustaining. This would then enable IRFF UK to look at new projects in different countries, thus expanding our support system world-wide! DR Congo orphans is one such project which is developing to become self-sufficient. This is in line with our ultimate goal of relieving poverty and suffering in developing countries.