Destiny Junior School Lunch



Destiny Junior School was started by IRFF UK in 2009 with a handful of pupils. Today, the school boasts 130 pupils, attending nursery and primary classes 1 -7, and has 9 teachers and 2 non-teaching staff. IRFF has funded the building of the classes, pays the teachers’ salaries, and provides nutritious daily meals, school uniforms, materials and basic healthcare for all the pupils.

Over the years, IRFF has seen to the construction of a bore hole, a new latrine for boys and girls, a new kitchen, office and library, installed a huge water tank, and most recently, built a perimeter wall at a cost of £10,000 in order to protect the children, staff and school property!


With the financial support from the Tricycle Shop in Alton and the Child Sponsorship Programme, most of the needs of the children and teachers are met. However, all the building works, amenities, improvements to classrooms, as well as purchasing new land to grow crops, have to be fundraised for by the staff and volunteers of IRFF UK.

Can you help us finish off some important work at the school?


Two infrastructure tasks still remain unfinished:


1) the capping of the perimeter wall with capstones to prevent erosion and damage caused by heavy rains – at a cost of £800; and 


2) the completion of a new classroom by purchasing roofing timber and fitting 3 shutters and a door at a cost of £520.


So, the total amount still to be raised is £1,320. 


We appreciate any amount received on behalf of Destiny Junior School children!


Thank You