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Girl’s Empowerment and Skill’s Training

Providing young women with an opportunity for education, a skillset and a brighter future in the town of Sukuta, and neighbouring towns.

The Project


Sukuta Town in Kombo North District, Gambia. This region of Gambia is very poor. Many young women lack access to education and therefore have no ability for financial independence. They have no option but to marry at an early age.


The ‘Girl’s Empowerment and Skill’s Training Project’ plans to renovate an existing building into a multipurpose facility which can enable the education of young women in this community and nearby communities. The goal is not only to provide practical skills to the young women but also mentoring in entrepreneurship and character education.

Fundraising Aims and Partners

IRFF UK is raising £6500 which will be used for the materials for the renovation and also the program cost for the first four months.


IRFF's partners are the Village Development Committee of Sukuta Town and The Gambia Project, a US based charity. This first four month phase plans to provide skills training, entrepreneurship, character education, and simple accounting for 25 young women.


Sustainability of the Project

The goal is to develop this into a self-sustaining program within a year and expand it to other communities.  The Village Development Committee of Sukuta is committed to a sustainability plan to assure the continuation of the project without external help, thus assuring the main objective to provide not only a temporary remedy but to enable sustainable development and expansion.

Details on the building procedure


The Village Development Committee is providing a multipurpose centre with space for classes and hands-on skills training, meetings, and cultural activities. The Village Development Committee is constructing the fencing, and supplying a whiteboard and some tables. As we supply materials the Sukuta Skilled Men Association will provide free labor to install running water, sewerage, and toilet booths.

Image by Annie Spratt

Girl’s Empowerment and Skill’s Training

Please donate to this great project and help Gambian young women have an education and a brighter future.

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