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Vocational Skills School

Project Summary

Providing vocational skills training in the area of catering, dress making & hair dressing to out-of-school girls and women in vulnerable communities in Accra, Ghana. WAIT Ghana is planning to reposition itself to create a Vocational Skills Hub that can deliver these vocational skills training to help create decent employment.

Ghana's national crisis

Ghana’s population is relatively young, with only around 3 percent of the total population aged 65 years or older. The country has a 56.6% unemployment rate among the youth population (UNESCO, 2016).


Based on the historical average, out of about 360,000 secondary school students who graduated in 2020, only about 35% were able to transition into tertiary level, leaving close to 240,000 in search of skills and jobs.


It is a general knowledge that enhancing access to job opportunities for these high numbers of second cycle drop-outs requires access to market led competency based skills training for employment or enterprise creation.

Image by Virgyl Sowah
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Project Goals

The overarching goal of this project is to create decent employment for out-of-school young girls and women. Specifically, the project seeks to achieve the following:

  1. Empower youth and adults in rural communities with practical soft and vocational skills to create sustainable livelihoods and increase resilience.

  2. Inform effective program development for rural communities by contextualizing local innovations and experience sharing for inclusion

Project details and goals

Two programs will run simultaneously.


Every 6 months we will have apprenticeships for hair dressing and catering.


The other program will be a year long apprenticeship for dress making.

IRFF UK's role

IRFF supports the project through monthly donations that go towards the costs of the project.

Monica's Testimony

After completing schooling Monica struggled to find opportunities. This is where WAIT Ghana offered the opportunity for Monica to learn how to bake cakes, pies and more. Monica is now also in a position where she can teach others what she has learnt. Watch her testimony on how the program has helped her.

Angelina's Testimony

Angelina completed schooling at a technical institute but couldn't find opportunities afterwards . WAIT Ghana offered her classes to learn catering, baking and more. Watch her testimony to hear her story.

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