a step closer to self sustainability...

Kawule Farm is located near Masaka, in Southern Uganda. The purpose of the farm is for our Ugandan projects to become self sustainable from the profits the farm generates.

Who does the farm support?

The initial support group from the farm's crops are the local villagers. Once the farm expands and profits increase it will look to serve a wider community.


With the help of the purchased Hijet vehicle, supported by IRFF UK's fundraising efforts, the farm can now also help the local school, Bright Future school by providing maiza porridge for its children, not to mention, it supports the local community with transporting fresh water to them, and sick people to hospital.

How does the farm help IRFF's goals?

The longer term projection is for the farm to raise sufficient funds so as to replace what IRFF UK sends to WAIT Uganda, Girl Child Project and the Mobile Medical Team every two months.


The farm also helps to fulfil IRFF's goal of alleviating poverty and assisting sustainability in a developing country!