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Kawule Farm is one of several projects supported by IRFF, located near Masaka, in Southern Uganda. It is managed by Tadeo Buyinza, who has been part of IRFF since 2007. The farm is ideal for rearing pigs and chicken, but also suitable for growing crops in raised beds.

Why did IRFF get the land?


The land belongs to Tadeo's family, who live on the land and grow their own crops, but also run IRFF-supported activities as a commercial enterprise.


Why did IRFF create Kawule Farm?

The purpose of the farm is to help the Uganda chapter of IRFF become self-sufficient by growing crops and raising pigs and chicken for selling in local markets. It also supports the local community in different ways!


Who will the farm help?

The local community can benefit from learning agricultural techniques, receiving chickens and eggs, and drinking water; whilst IRFF Uganda and the farm manager can also receive income from the sale of piglets and crops. With the help of the purchased Hijet vehicle, the farm also helps the local school, Bright Future school by providing maiza porridge for its children, not to mention, it supports the local community with transporting fresh water to them, and sick people to hospital

How does the farm help IRFF's goals?

The longer term projection is for the farm to raise sufficient funds so as to replace what IRFF UK sends to WAIT Uganda, Girl Child Project and the MMT every two months. The farm also helps to fulfil IRFF's goal of alleviating poverty and assisting sustainability in a developing country!

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