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Mud Wall


Raising £10,500 for Destiny Junior School

In 2019, the District Council advised the school that it was necessary to build a perimeter wall. 

What is Destiny Junior School?


Destiny Junior School was started by IRFF UK in 2008 as a school for underprivileged children in Kibiri, Uganda. Beginning initially with around 20-30 pupils, the school now has 120 attendees, 9 teachers and 2 non-teaching staff! The school is proud to run 8 classes, from Nursery to Primary 7; and provides a good education, a nutritious daily meal and basic healthcare for all the children!!

Destiny Junior School Lunch
Destiny Junior School Sign

Why is this necessary?

The Perimeter Wall is required for the following reasons:


  • The wall will provide the school community (pupils and staff) security, because nowadays people, mainly children are kidnapped and their vital organs are removed and sold. Mainly kidneys, hearts and livers!! The kidnappers always target schools.

  •  Given the COVID 19 infectious virus, it’s important to safeguard the school community. This is why the perimeter wall is so vital.

  • Some of the children are very young, like those in the nursery class. They need a lot care and monitoring, so the wall makes this work easier.

  • So, building the wall will ensure security for the school inhabitants, promote good health and proper hygiene, and also prevent the spread of communicable diseases. 



The fundraiser has already raised £2500 offline so the the first phase of the wall building has begun. 


IRFF UK and Destiny Junior School thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Thanks to the latest donors below!

Read the progress on the wall building below!

Mud Wall


The second phase of the wall has been built. The video above contains a few video clips and photographs of the process. We had a period in between where construction was put on hold due to Covid-19. We are very happy that the project can continue again! Thanks for all your support so far!


From research carried out by the IRFF Uganda Director and his team, we have decided that a 9 feet high clay brick wall built on hard core material,  250 feet long, is the best choice for the school.


The IRFF UK board has studied the 3 choices of walls or fences (metal, brick, wire mesh), researched, and have agreed with the Director, based on costs and longevity!!


So, in March 2020, the construction of the perimeter wall began, and work has stopped after Phase 1 finished, and will resume after the lockdown in Uganda. As it happens, a quarter of the wall is completed thanks to the funds advanced until now!  The project required 5 trips of hard core stones, 9000 clay bricks, 40 bags of cement, 8 trips of sand and 7 pieces of iron bars. The wall is strong, and stands 9ft high.

Wall Donate

Destiny Junior School is raising money to build a new wall to protect the school children.

Child Sponsorship

 Sponsor a child or Teacher at Destiny Junior School for as little as £10 a month.

General Donate

If you don't know which project to support. Feel free to make a general donation and we will allocate it to a project in need. 

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