Tasked with the eradication of Jiggers (Tunga Penetrans) in Uganda, the Mobile Medical travels throughout Uganda, removing Jiggers whilst promoting good hygiene and improving sanitation practices.

What is a Jigger?


 Jiggers are commonly known as chigoe fleas. They are small insects which look like fleas. They cause parts of the body to rot. 

How does a Jigger infect the body?


Jiggers burrow into feet and then lay eggs. These eggs multiply having an exponential effect. Over time, the eggs destroy the soft tissue of the skin. The resulting wounds are prone to infection and disease. Other parts of the body can also be targeted, the hands being the second most common area.

What is the Mobile Medical Team?


The Mobile Medical Team serves to remove Jiggers from Ugandan villagers, mainly children. They are a local team of volunteers who visit the neighbouring communities in an effort to improve hygiene and quality of life. 

Where do they operate?


Since 2013, IRFF has served over 21 different locations of Uganda promoting health, and also empowering villages.

Why do they operate?


IRFF UK has a plan to eradicate jiggers as much as possible from the regions we work in – Kampala, Masaka, Rakai, Jinja and Iganga regions. To do this we need your help!

A video about the Mobile Medical Team

What is the Mobile Medical Team? IRFF in Uganda

What is the Mobile Medical Team? IRFF in Uganda

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