A letter from Francis, Headteacher at Butale Mixed Primary School

On behalf of Butale mixed primary school, we’re extremely grateful for the huge support given to our school and the community, this have incredibly changed the face and the improved academic performance of the school. Thank you IRFF-UK.

Much thanks to all the lovely visitors who have always sacrificed their time and resources visiting the school, the encouraging messages and your love have touched and transformed many lives of the vulnerable pupils.

Most of the children are orphans living with their grandparents, others are parents to their young ones’’ such challenges and responsibilities had greatly affected the children’s academic performance which situation influenced some of them to drop out of school, seeing no value of education” because of your great support the school is developing both academically and co-curriculum activities, this is put in place because of the generous support from our esteemed IRFF-UK sponsors.

Thank you so much for the borehole, we can now irrigate crops, nursery tree plants, watering a few classes that are not cemented to reduce the breeding of jiggers, cooking is made easier, the pupils and butale community can now drink safe water, our young girls no longer risk their lives walking long distance fetching water from the well!!!  Thank you so much IRFF-UK. Says the pupils and the community.

The modernized energy saving stove is of great help, we now cook using less firewood reducing on the cut down of trees and smoke is no longer a bigger problem, reducing the risk of getting cancer by the cook. The food is now prepared in a cleaner place, reducing the time taken during the meal preparation thus, helping us a lot allowing the pupils to concentrate in class unlike in the past where we had to send them out of class to collect fire wood for cooking. Thank you IRFF-UK!!!

We’re able to cement (Floor) one of the dusty old classes to reduce the breeding places of jiggers and also to have an expansion of classes due to the increasing numbers of new pupils at Butale mixed primary school after the ministry of education ranking the school 3rd in masaka region.  At the moment the new pupils are sitting on the floor due to lack of few extra desks.

We also thank Wait-Uganda leader and the team for the counseling and guidance given to our pupils and the Girl Child team too is doing awesome to the school and community girl child, thank you!!!

In conclusion, I would love to report to you that we ended the term one on 6th/05/2016 successfully; we will begin term two on 03rd/06/2016.

But most importantly we very much appreciate the tremendous difference in the lives of these vulnerable lovely children. Thank you IRFF-UK and all our great sponsors, with our warm hands we're waiting to receive you any time. May God richly bless you.

Francis Nsubuga

Headmaster, Butale Mixed Primary School

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