Two infrastructure projects need to be completed at Destiny Junior School in Uganda

1) Construction of a new classroom

Work has already begun thanks to local help and support! However, in order to complete the project, Destiny Junior School is requesting £520 for the purchase of roofing timber and the fitting of three shutters and a door.

It is our hope to raise the required funds and send it to Uganda by the beginning of November 2021.

2) Placing capstones on the perimeter wall

The perimeter wall at Destiny Junior School was built over four phases from March to October 2020, quite a mammoth task!!

However, what still remains to be completed, is placing capstones on the wall to preserve its longevity by preventing erosion and damage caused by heavy rains. This project will cost £800. It is our hope to raise this money and send it over early in 2022.

Please support these projects. Any amount received will be gratefully appreciated! If you would like to donate please click here.

Thank You

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