Destiny Junior School has a new Borehole! Full update from Uganda for May - June 2021


Greetings from the I.F.F Uganda working board. We are very excited about the completion of the borehole with a pump at Destiny Junior School. Great thanks to the donors and the entire I.R.F.F UK working board. May God richly bless you.

Uganda has been hit seriously by Covid 19. People are dying at a terrible rate. We really need your prayers.

We managed to acquire letters from the concerned authorities for us to be able to carry out the various activities for I.F.F Uganda.

Below are some of the activities:


  • Teacher Jesca and the others teachers at Destiny school, have introduced skills training as part of learning to help occupy these children during lock down and holidays.

These include:

  • Liquid soap making

  • Growing tomatoes and other vegetables

  • Art and crafts etc

  • The school now has a constant water supply after completion of the borehole. A big thanks to the donors.


Taddeo managed to carry out counselling and guidance and also taught the youths how to make Liquid soap as a sustainable project

  • We realised that there is a reduction in early child pregnancies and dropping out of schools because of the sensitisations and activities for Girl health and support project.

  • There is need to extend our services to other areas to help save the Girl child from dropping out of school.


We managed to carryout activities for 2 days. We sprayed the households, gave out food items and medical supplies to the needy families. We taught them how to remove the jiggers by themselves because due to Covid 19 pandemic we were instructed to observe S.O.Ps while in the field.

Distribution of food items and soap to the needy families

  • The families we visited are so grateful to I.F.F for the support rendered to them to fight Jiggers. We realised that due to continuous sensitisation, there is a reduction in Jigger infestation in the communities that were visited by I.F.F Uganda.

  • I received a request from neighbouring areas (Mayuge, Kamuli and Namayingo) to extend services to them to help them get rid of jiggers.

  • There is need to help these families get rid of dust in their houses because this is the major harbour of jiggers.

  • We need to introduce sustainable projects say making of bricks, subsistence farming etc to the youths in these areas for them to earn a living.


We are really thankful; to the entire I.R.F.F U.K working board for the continuous support to the needy children/families in Uganda. May God bless you all.

Paul Isabirye


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