Destiny Junior School Perimeter Wall Update

From research carried out by the IRFF Uganda director, it appears that a 9 feet high clay brick wall built on hard core material, and 250 feet long, is the best choice for the school. The IRFF UK board has studied the 3 choices of walls or fences (metal, brick, wire mesh), researched, and have agreed with the director, based on costs and longevity!!

The wall is estimated to cost £10,000, and for the sake of raising the required funds, the construction will be divided into 4 phases over a period of 8 months, starting in March 2020 with the £2,000 funds already raised, and is hoped to be completed by October 2020.

So, in March 2020, the construction of the perimeter wall began, and work has stopped after Phase 1 finished, and will resume after the lockdown in Uganda! As it happens, a quarter of the wall is completed thanks to the funds advanced until now! The project required 5 trips of hard core stones, 9000 clay bricks, 40 bags of cement, 8 trips of sand and 7 pieces of iron bars. The wall is strong, and stands 9ft high.

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