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Developments at Destiny Junior School

As you may know, the IRFF Uganda school, Destiny Junior School in Kibiri, is fast developing, and we are trying hard to keep up with all our plans for it.

The school has been recognised for the children’s good results, not to mention that it has its own water supply, a new kitchen, and new classrooms being built gradually, thanks to the support from people like yourselves!

We have also been informed recently that the latrine of the school is filling up. The present latrine was built for the headmistress’s family many years ago, but now with the increasing number of children and teachers, it has become dated, and a new one, with entrances for males and females, has to be built. Construction has already started on the new latrines.

We are truly grateful for all the children and teacher sponsors and donations, but we are looking to find more sponsors for these reasons:

  • Due to the passing of a local Government By-Law, we are obliged to raise the teachers’ salaries by about 60% next year. Although IRFF UK has been increasing the teachers’ salaries over time, we now have to jump quite high in a short time!

  • One new classroom has been completed thanks to 15,000 bricks being made by the school community, and money sent from IRFF UK. We have plans to build a further two classrooms and a new school library in order to make Destiny Junior School a complete primary school, preparing the children to move on to secondary school!

As you can see, we have much more work to accomplish at the school, and we believe with your support, we will be able to do just that! So thank you for your commitment to IRFF UK and its projects. 

In particular we would like to thank the staff and volunteers of the Tricycle Shop in Alton for your continued efforts in supporting the work of IRFF - UK.

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