End of Year Update: Destiny Junior School

In 2017 we were able to finalise the construction of the new latrine at Destiny Junior School and continued to improve the conditions for both students and teachers.

The school commenced the third term classes with 120 pupils, 8 teachers, and one support staff. It was reported, “Most of the pupils are very healthy, apart from 5 who had malaria and 3 are HIV positive and weak. The class grades are promising; even the weak ones are showing a big improvement. The teachers are hard-working and passionate, making sure they go the extra mile to educate the pupils in both academics and discipline”.

After a number of challenges, the latrine work is finally completed. The school is proud to have latrines for both girls and boys! It is one of the most modern latrines in the municipality as it was earmarked by the local Member of Parliament at the official opening. The school, parents and community have expressed their gratitude to IRFF UK and everyone who contributed to the construction of the latrine. “We now have privacy!” the head girl remarked. The structure is designed to hold two other floors as space on the school land is limited. The latrine can be emptied when full; this saves space, the cost of digging, and the construction of a new one.  

Whilst Ashley Crosthwaite visited Uganda, the school held the graduation of the Nursery Class, who celebrated their achievement of moving up to Primary 1. The function was attended by the Member of Parliament, the Hon. Sempala Kigozi, who commended the school leadership for the good work done.

The short term goals of the school are as follows:

a) floors and back walls required for P4 and P7 (estimated cost of £600); b) building a 40m wall for security and to prevent flooding during rainy season; c) sturdy printer for school (£150 max.).

The medium term goals are:

a) swings for children (like constructed by volunteers at Butale school); b) new library (possibly supported by the Rotary Club).

The long term goals are:

a) improve P4-P7 classrooms (within 3 years); b) construct local clinic ( within 5 years); c) purchase neighbour’s land (chat with neighbour re cost); d) buy 4 acres of land for farming (between Kampala and Masaka) – either rent or purchase; e) purchase a school vehicle.

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