IRFF UK has had to divert project funds to help feed children and families in Uganda and South Africa. The Pandemic has caused many people to be without food or only have a little!

At Destiny Junior School in Uganda, staff members have had to feed children coming to the school hungry, as well as visit households where people, especially the elderly, are without food. They have been doing this for some months now. The school has provided food such a sweet potatoes, beans and maize flour.

At Kawule Farm, also in Uganda, farm director Tadeo Buyinza, has been feeding the hungry local community with produce from the farm instead of selling them and generating income to support himself and also local projects.

IRFF UK has been supporting Art Works for Youth in Port Elizabeth, South Africa to educate disadvantaged youth, but due to the Pandemic, a large proportion of the funds sent are being used to purchase food items for hungry citizens.

Please help us raise an extra £1,000 each month in order to effectively support hungry people in Uganda and South Africa during this Pandemic, thus allowing IRFF UK to continue the all-important project work that our funds have been allocated to.

Please donate here.

Thank you very much!!

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