How Kawule Farm is helping the local community in Uganda…

Kawule Farm near Masaka, Uganda, is a project supported by IRFF UK to help the Uganda Chapter of IRFF on their road to self-sufficiency, but also to help support and train local people in various ways.

Kawule Farm provides bananas and sweet potatoes, in addition to porridge, for pupils of Bright Future School which is located nearby. Every Sunday, children come to the Farm to eat.

During March 2020, volunteers began reaching out to villages, encouraging a change in behaviour and ran the “Washing of Hands” campaign during the time of the Coronavirus. So far, two villages were given donations of watering can stands and liquid soap (last 2 photos below) made by the Mother's Love Cooperative, "Omukwano gwa Maama" which is supported by the Girl Child project.

When washing hands one has to step on the rope tied on a stick to allow the flow of water, this helps to prevent contact from any other user. There's a real need to educate communities to stay safe!

In February, Muslim leader Juma attended an agricultural training at Kawule Farm. He later asked if they could create a vegetable garden for him, which they did on 23rd March. 5 days later, they were invited to discuss ideas of working together to empower youth through promoting abstinence and learning agricultural skills.

Kawule Farm volunteers have helped Bright Future School to make bricks for the construction of the Primary 7 classroom, which is badly needed by the school!!

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