IRFF Uganda September and October Update 2019


The school started the third term academic period with 123 pupils and 12 teachers, in this period the school is preparing for the primary seven class to sit for national examination that will take place on 4th & 5th November 2019 for them to be promoted to senior one. It is not easy to get them ready to sit for these exams, we hired more teachers only for primary seven to help cover lots of practice, like sitting passed papers plus giving them answering techniques. In the process Jesca offered to accommodated the 9 pupils to enable them to have extra class time, this means feeding them day and night, also covering for sanitation and increment on usage of utilities.

One pupil dropped out due to health issues, now we have eight candidates to sit for the national exams of whom we expect good grades. School registration process started at the municipality office on 15th August 2019, registering nursery, primary and a sitting centre for national primary leaving examinations. The school received one sewing machine that is intended to provide skills to pupils, for some of them dropout without survival skills. Pupils will be instructed to do tailoring and fashion design.

This term we are graduating 10 top class pupils who are leaving nursery section and advancing to primary level.

Top class pupils graduation 2019


14 families came together to socially deal with community problems affecting their lives. Issues revoled around the many orphans in the area, low income earning, domestic violence and many others. The involved in tailoring project, hair dressing, handcraft and micro financing. The group received a sewing machine that is to be used to train younger persons into skill of tailoring and designing.

The group is in need for an eclectic machine that make modern designs and fashions, which will help them to cope up the demands and orders they have. The machine cost Ushs 1,500,000/ they have saved 300,000.

Agnes checking out the sewing machine


The region is in the southern part of the country, IFF Uganda with the help of IRFF- UK Has established and funded projects in this area which includes:


1. Jiggers removing and hygiene/ sanitation seminars at Butale Mixed school

2. Funded a bore hole, kitchen construction, library set up, bought desks,construction of latrines plus sewing machine that helps girl child at butale mix school. All this projects are running well, and well cared for.


The community is hosting the piggery and poultry which is managed by Tadeo,

  • On the farm there are 22 pigs, 10 piglets, 9 sows and 3 boars. The pig house is well maintained, there is a new structure constructed in timber off cuts.

  • The chicken house is good with few chicken, that is giving low productivity.

  • The water source {well} was constructed reaching water at 120ft, it’s nicely finished and two tanks are still in good condition.

  • Bright Future tank is placed, but guttering was lacking. I organised a re-guttering and water now flows properly.

Kawule farm received a sewing machine to train the community member in skills of tailoring and designing. We finally purchased a Suzuki Hijet Vehicle to help transportation for our projects.Most of the Hijet vehicles were too expensive for our budget, but luckily Tadeo had a friend who works in the company that managed to sell one in condition to us for a great price. OBSERVATION

  1. There are a lot of pigs to feed. So far there 22 pigs, where 3 sows are due to deliver piglets. If each delivers 8 piglets that will make 24 more added, yet other 5 have just conceived a month ago. This means additionally food costs and vet costs.

  2. The chickens aren't productive so there is need to review this project.

Robert Mwogeza DIRECTOR IFF- Uganda

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