IRFF UK support IRFF Uganda in Jiggers Campaign

Taken from a report by Robert Mwogeza, Director IRFF Uganda

IRFF and WAIT Uganda were invited by the Iganga district (Government) to address the problem of poor hygiene; mainly removing jiggers, which has proved to be a major problem, causing a family of 4 members to die. A study was done and the findings showed that 31families (120 people) are infected with jiggers and need immediate attention.

On 27th April 2013 the team arrived at Nawanyingi sub county where jiggers are a major problem, with the help of local authority the team managed to visit 12 families; attending to 45 people by removing jiggers, spraying in the houses, donating blankets, mattresses and soap and training them about sanitation/hygiene. The district and local authority were very greatfull to the positive response offered by the team to save lives, and requested that IRFF/WAIT Uganda come back again soon as the problem needs more intervention.


Many people in need were not reached due to a shortage of funds, and though the team was still willing to offer their services they were unable to continue once the financial support ran out.

There is a great need for the removal of jiggers (most of those affected are children and the elderly), spray in the homes, blankets, soap, clothing and shoes, as well as a need for training the people in sanitation/hygiene. For 4 sub-counties that’s approximately 500 people.

The youth need to get introduced to sustainable agriculture, for household food security and income which would help alleviate the absolute poverty in the region.


  • To continue removing jiggers and carry out a sanitation/hygiene program for one month.

  • To obtain clothing, bedding, soap, basins, shoes etc.

  • To train the communities to have food security and income for house hold.

  • Four tents for the team to camp in.

  • A vehicle for the transportation of the team.


We'd like to thank IRFF UK for the financial support given to the team and to the local and district authorities for their co-operation and spirit of working together to save lives.

Robert Mwogeza Director IRFF Uganda

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