IRFF UK supports the Hope for Children Shelter in Congo!

IRFF UK has been supporting this shelter since 2018 by granting £300 per month in order to provide the 60 children with a nutritious evening meal.

In July 2019, IRFF UK responded to the essential need by providing the shelter in Goma with £260. As its building was too small to keep all the children indoors during the Ebola crisis, a request was made to help protect the children by renting another house that would accommodate half the children for a period of 3 months, and also purchase two large water tanks to help promote cleanliness.

Around September 2019, the children of the shelter asked IRFF UK if they could provide funds to help them purchase school uniforms and backpacks after the Congo Government had decided that these children were entitled to free Primary School education. IRFF UK responded quickly with a £740 grant!!

In light of supporting the shelter become self-sufficient in feeding the 60 children, IRFF UK offered a one-off grant of £1,060 to start an agricultural project – to grow and harvest corn. Within a year of running this project, it is anticipated that IRFF UK would no longer need to fund the feeding the children!!

In February 2020, ploughing began on the land, using a tractor. Once fully ploughed, the second phase of sowing the corn seeds started! The growing period takes around 5 months, after which harvesting begins.

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