IRFF/WAIT Uganda March in Kampala

Update from Uganda 

On the 28th June, IRFF/WAIT Uganda led the way in a march through Kitebi Kabowa, 6km from Kampala, Uganda. From 8.30am IRFF/WAIT Uganda marched alongside organisations such as the Red Cross and the Gideon Foundation to promote the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS accompanied by over 800 pupils from different schools. The event was full of beautiful performances from various schools, and the arrival of his highness, the Kamuswaga of Kooki Kingdom and his Prime Minister who spoke words of congratulations to IRFF/WAIT Uganda for their great work, especially regarding the Mobile Medical Team Project - aimed at removing the jigger parasite from the hands and feet of the vulnerable people living in remote areas. We’re hoping for future partnership with his Highness. 

The WAIT team performed a number of performances and gave a 30 minute introduction about the WAIT project. GirlChild Project director, Florence also gave a lovely presentation about closing the gap between parents and children, encouraging parents to take the time to speak with their children, and to address the dangers of HIV/AIDS. Ladies from the WAIT team conducted a lecture about personal hygiene to help the young girls who experience the challenges of missing school due to menstruation periods. The support of IRFF-UK sending sanitary pads was greatly appreciated as they could be distributed to the young girls present. 

The opportunity was taken to share with parents about the challenges reported by young people in earlier GirlChild project sessions. These included the inability of children to express their difficulties to their parents, the large family sizes and small houses, violence among parents resulting in fear in the child, and parents having multiple partners suggesting to the child that it’s okay to sleep around. Eventually, these lead to the child becoming a victim. Florence encouraged the parents to have one partner and be faithful, to avoid violence in the home, and to try all means to make time to talk to their children and help them solve their problems. 

The day was a fantastic success, and showed the real need for further IRFF/WAIT activities in the community. 

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