July & August 2019 - IRFF Uganda Report

Destiny Junior School

The period under review has been one of the most busy one in our implementations, much has been achieved which include renovation of the buildings ( 6 rooms) placing an electricity pole, and installing proper electricity wiring to ensure lighting for the staff.

The school went for an educational tour at Kavumba Recreational Centre, where pupils had lots of fun on swings, donkey riding, bouncy castle, seeing wild animals summing, quizes and many other acitvities.

Pupils sat for end of Term Two exams where results reflected a lot of improvement in reading mathematics, science and social studies. The use of Philip's library has helped to this big improvement and also helped teachers focus and prepare for their classes.

Primary Seven after registering for primary leaving examinations were busy studying and revising for the upcoming exams so they could achieve high grades.

In the line we took Destiny Junior pupils for one week { 24th  – 31st /8/2019} to Kigulu Prime Academy where they sat the test papers together, and later they were guided on a number of issue that are vital to pass the exams. Thanks Uncle Paul, Director of Kigulu Prime Academy, plus all staff members who have been very helpful to us.

Destiny Junior School was selected by the Municipality to mentor five student teachers for three months, In the Mayor's remark, he noted Destiny Junior as a school with good bathroom facilities, and a perfect class room environment for learning. Student teachers in their report indicated that they acquire a lot of knowledge from teacher of Destiny Junior School.


Tadeo and volunteers conducted WAIT seminar to discuss disease control and how to prevent acquiring infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. WAIT junior team was formed and were entrusted to communicate with their friends of the same age to educate them how to  keep free from infections.


In the same seminar girls were introduced to menstrual hygiene. The seminar was conducted by Florence, who runs the Girl Child Project. She provided menstruation pads after the session.



At the farm a lot is going on, the well has been dug down and water has been found at  120fts down. Culverts (Cement Pipes) have been used to concretise the soft wall layers to prevent the walls from collapsing. 

The piggery farm has been expanded due the delivery of new born piglets. Due to the growing number of pigs on the farm, the piggery has been expanded.. Hens started to lay eggs so far and more than 60 eggs have been picked.


The team camped for three days in Kamuli district and attended to Nabirumba community were we treated jiggers for 34 people, 3 people being  very old and at the verge of death.

We sprayed in over 20 home to kill bed bugs, mosquitos etc.

During the hygiene session the community discussed the effects of poor hygiene and sanitation, the local leader thanked IFF – Uganda for the caring heart. He associated the situation to extreme poverty in the area, water sources are very far and hardly people can have basic commodities like soap, salt or paraffin. Is there a way you can help us to improve on our house hold income he lamented. 


I thank working board IRFF – UK for the financial support that has enabled us progress steadily, also to volunteers who has offered their lives to actively serve  people in need.

My regards to you all.

Robert Mwogeza


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