May & June Report - Tadeo Buyinza


We want to say thank you so much for all the great work you are doing to help make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable suffering people here in Uganda and other countries. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.


Lots of greetings from our various projects and the farm, truly we are so grateful for the amazing developments going on.

Last month Chico and Celesta produced 20 piglets though three of them couldn’t make it. At the moment we have 17 healthy piglets, with an expansion of two new extra rooms thus expanding the project.

The poultry is also doing well and looking forward for the multiplication effect. From deep of our hearts we love to say thank you so much for the continued support towards Kawule Farm. Thank you and may the good richly lord bless you.


Again the community is greatly benefiting from the kitchen gardens set up within, it's yet to benefit more from the farm through household development (distribution of piglets…..etc.)

It’s a pleasure to report to you that we have an acre of land which we have cultivated and now planting sweet potato, it's giving us a breathe to reduce on the high cost of the feeds, at the harvest we will be in position to sell some potatoes to feed Bright Future vulnerable children and maintaining of the Hi-jet vehicle as transportation at the farm/ wait activities.


It was a huge celebration at Bright Future school, when the teachers and pupils received a 10,000ltr water tank donation from IRFF-UK. The water tank is aimed at improving water supply and sanitation for the benefit of girls.

A WORD OF THANK YOU FROM MR.BUSAGWA, an elder and a grandparent in the community.

"I am so thankful for the water tank given to our school, thank you for solving the problem of water. The harvested rain water is going to save most of the time been wasted when our pupils walk long distance fetching water from the well. It has been our prayer to get a water tank as to enable our pupils have enough time to study in so doing, it will improve the academic performance of our school. (2) Pupils can now have drinking water while at school and setting up more kitchen gardens to enable the children have something to eat while at school."


We have been able to conduct successful activities in 3 schools (St. Peter’s Vocational Secondary School, Bukulula Secondary School and Butende Primary School) followed by follow up visits at St. Jude Vocational Secondary School, Butale Mixed School and Bright Future Infant School in the Masaka region. This is because of your generous support, thank you.

Again on 21st-06-2019. We had a successful meeting (addressing challenges of sexual and reproductive health) with some Headteachers representing those schools where WAIT clubs have been established.

1-End of year WAIT – Convention. (This will be done in the closure of third term when students finish their exams in December)

2-Revisiting schools and developing the talents of WAIT members to participate in the world AIDS day programs which are organised on a national level.

3-For the purposes of time, teachers proved it that to have enough hours during wait presentations, Friday’s are more convenient for our activities in school.

Because we can’t hold it, we are so grateful and blessed to report to you about the big donation (one million shillings) given to us (Butale- WAIT Team - ‘’White Angel Performers’’) by an IRFF-UK volunteer to purchase a set of drums and wait T-shirts which are still being printed. Thank you so much.


As the director of The Girl Child Project and on behalf of our volunteers, I give thanks to IRFF UK for the continued financial support to save the lives of our disadvantaged girl. Thank you! The project focuses on educating the girls about the menstruation cycle and giving out sanitary pads.


We visited the New Hope Academy (this is a school for prisoners)  as the lessons were going on in all classes,  the reception was warm from both the administration, and the inmates thanked us for the continued love and donation given to them that has increased their academic performance.

Phionah is 2yrs old and other children can now dress up unlike in the past. (babies & their inmate mothers )

JAMES, one of the inmates leaders says: "I had never had a chance to go to school because of my poor background as a youth thought whatever i could do was right yet some of my acts were against the law, eventually committed a crime which led me into prison. Prison life is so challenging but the other way am grateful that I can now study and believe in God to be one of the best primary seven performers and I will go back to my community a completely changed person. Thank you and may God bless you our lovely friends."

On 19th-07-2019 will have a meeting Mrs. Nafuka, the commissioner of Prison/Rehabilitation at the headquarters in Kampala. She is so grateful with our services in the prison.

Peace, blessings and love always.



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