Purchase of neighbour’s land at Destiny School completed!

As Destiny Junior School has now become a fully-fledged primary school and continues to expand in terms of the number of children attending and increase in teacher capacity, it was decided to purchase the adjacent land belonging to a neighbour (top middle on map below). The neighbour likes our school, and has offered the land at a reasonable price! In January 2019, IRFF UK made the first payment towards the purchase of the neighbour’s land at Destiny Junior School, Uganda. Then, in June, the final payment was made and the land agreement was signed!

The purpose of acquiring this land is three-fold:

1) to offer accommodation to some of the teachers who are currently paying rent in order to live close to the school.

2) to use one of the rooms as the school office.

3) to set up a health clinic for the school and community in the near future.

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