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Starvation in South Africa – please donate to us so that we can pass it on, 100%

IRFF UK has long been working on projects associated with the Joe Slovo Township and also the Walmer Township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

This area has an extremely bad food supply problem which has only been made worse by Covid-19. Children are literally starving.

Just one month ago a Walmer Township representative explained to us:

“In South Africa the needs are so great, anyone can take their pick of really dire scenarios. What is alarming in my province of late are reports of starvation among children. There are social grants and child grants and social workers, so this should not happen, but it does! A starving kid doesn't think about who is the source of his problems!”

A local teacher added “Seeing the children getting only a scoop of samp / pasta / pap with NO visible flavourings or veg or meat, is so sad”.

Then just yesterday IRFF UK were contacted by a mother who confirmed what we are hearing. She wrote:

“Does IRFF UK accommodate those in South Africa who are in need? There are three kids who are in desperate need of food, cloths, school uniforms, blankets etc.

My son of 10 years old is

the one who is doing an initiative campaign to collect since these kids go to his school and it is an extremely sad situation they are in, and he would like to help them.”

IRFF UK wrote back that we are already supporting the Walmer Township and the Joe Slovo township both in P.E. – but that we would not forget her, and that she must be proud of her 10 year old son!

She wrote back: “The family in need is the only white family in that township. If I could and had the funding I would adopt all 3 but times are tough, especially with covid effecting everything.

I'm very proud of my son - he has collected a few things but is short on some.

We do understand that you have a major project on your hands and well done for your efforts towards that. An act of kindness goes a long way. At any stage, if you are able to help raise at least R5000 to buy them a school uniform and food for a couple of months it would be greatly appreciated.

Take care of yourself and loved ones and be safe.”

Our heart goes out to her, her son and the people they want to help. Shall we help them?

IRFF UK will do its best to find a way to get that R5,000 (£250) to her. None of us can help everybody but we can do what we can.

Can you help as much as you can? – it all adds up!

If you would like to donate, please click here

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