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The Difference a Donation can Make!!

A special person in South London, England, has been generously donating her hard-earned money to charity for some time.

In 2014, thanks to her wonderful gift of £1,500, IRFF UK could utilise the money to construct a kitchen at Destiny Junior School, Uganda.

The walls were plastered, floor cemented, and a large fuel-efficient wood burner stove was installed. The kitchen was named, "Beverley's Kitchen" after Beverley Jennings, the kind lady who made the large donation! Since then, the children's diet has improved considerably, and includes either rice or plantain, with beans and avocado or other seasonal fruit!!

Beverley has recently offered IRFF UK another donation of £1,500. This money will also be put to great use in the very near future. Thank you Beverley!

Opening Beverley's Kitchen in 2014.

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