Update from the Mobile Medical Team

In late September 2017, the MMT visited Namungalwe (196kms from Kampala), an area severely affected by jiggers and other parasites


12 volunteers attended 17 people, removing jiggers and sprayed 46 homes with pesticides to deal with the bedbugs, lice and fleas. The team found 3 people severely affected by jiggers and very weak. They were referred to the local hospital for doctor’s attention!

On 2nd & 3rd Oct. 2017, the team left Kampala for Iganga in Eastern Uganda. They were welcomed by Paul, the Director of Kigulu Prime Academy, who with his team joined forces to visit Namayingo district and Bulule Primary school to remove jiggers. At Bulule, we found that 99% of school children were without shoes, and the school lacked good hygiene. The team attend to 13 people with jiggers, both school children and community members, and sprayed pesticide in the homes. Due to time for travelling, the team had to leave, but promised to return the following month to carry on with the work.

There can be success wherever the team goes! We now have jigger-free areas in Butale and Kigulu!! Our medium term goal is to double the monthly support of £150 within a year so to reach many more people. Our long term goals are to purchase another vehicle for the Jinja/Iganga region; and to develop partnerships with other charities in order to dig wells because water will help immensely with the problem of cleanliness.

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