Update from the Office 2014

We’ve had a busy and productive time since the pilgrimage and would like to thank everyone for your kind contributions of time, money and the glut of donations for the Tricycle Charity Shop. As you can see from the thermometer we’re approaching our goal for the purchase of a vehicle in Kampala. It would be great if you would consider making a donation yourself, encouraging family members and friends to donate towards this cause and/or organising a fundraising event in your community which we can support by sending leaflets or a representative speaker.

Last wednesday 9th July, an IRFF representative met Ambassador Isaac Biruma Sebulime at the Uganda High Commission in Trafalgar Square. We received some valuable advice concerning the mobile medical team project and it was suggested that we meet with the speaker of the parliament who is concerned about health issues amongst the rural poor. The Ambassador kindly promised to arrange such a meeting and to connect us with other officials in the health department. He also decided that the High Commission was able to endorse all of our activities after we shared with him. Leaflets from IRFF-UK are available now at the Uganda High Commission. 

On July 27th Mr Charles Cachia and his two daughters, Virginia and Christina, are departing from Manchester to Entebbe, Uganda. Our team has been busy acquiring medicines, sanitary pads, educational materials, computers and gifts for the volunteers in Uganda. Virginia and Christina will be supporting the teaching staff at Destiny School and will be holding meetings with Florence concerning the development of the Girl Child Project. Charles will be purchasing our 4x4 vehicle for the mobile medical team as he is ideally qualified being a mechanical engineer. He will also be updating the profiles of all the children at Destiny School, as well as supporting all the other projects, e.g. researching  the availability and costing of the paper and papyrus that will be used to manufacture sanitary pads locally in our community building. 

Thanks to all for your kind support!

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