Updates from the Field February 2018

Here’s an update on activities that have taken place recently:

Mobile Medical Team

The team based at Kigulu Prime Academy often named “team no sleep” visited and camped at Nabitende for two days, 23rd and 24th November 2017. They were able to spray 42 homes with pest killing detergent to combat jiggers, bed bugs, lice, mosquitoes and many other parasites.

They covered three villages, finding very desperate situations! They noted that 90% of the community had no mattresses, blankets or bed sheets; most of the children slept on dirty floors in rags, some of them just slept with nothing to cover themselves.

During this visit, the team managed to follow up on the majority of people to see how they are faring, given the health tips shared, spraying done to kill the parasites and jiggers removing service that was offered.  It was found that most of them were following the health regulations, and were without jiggers. The community gathered on seeing the team very happy and thanked them for all their efforts!!

One particular boy called James was found with 378 jiggers and was also sick! When was met again, he did not have a single jigger in his feet, and was feeling much better – thanks to the Medical Team!!

Kigulu Prime Academy School

Two hand washing tanks were delivered to Kigulu Prime Academy School to help improve the hygiene and sanitation for the pupils. The school administration, pupils and directors felt overwhelmed at receiving the tanks, and sincerely thanked IRFF for assisting the school in such a great way.

This school which is a partner of IRFF, is looking ahead for further support in building a new kitchen and proper classrooms. If more funds can be generated, then this dream can become a reality for the school!

Butale Mixed Primary School

Thanks to the support of IRFF, this partner school is constructing a new latrine. Phase 1 of the work began in November 2017.

The school children have been involved in helping to carry bricks, but are also learning about buildings and materials! Separate sections for boys and girls are being constructed. Volunteers have helped to build the roof of the pig house. Phase 2 will see the completion of the latrine project at a school where 30 pupils sat the final exams of primary 7. 8 passed with 1st grades, 12 with 2nd and 5 with 3rd. Well done Butale school!

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