WAIT Uganda Report

IRFF and WAIT volunteers visited the National Police Academy in Masindi on September 9th and were able to present the program for HIV/AIDS prevention through character education. As always the team was warmly welcomed by Super-Intendant Esther and all  the trainee officers.

2500 probational police constables (PPCs) and cadets received educative talks from Robert Mwogeza (IRFF Uganda Director), Tadeo Buyinza (WAIT Uganda Director) and Rev. Marshall deSouza (Director WAIT UK) on the themes of abstinence as a HIV/AIDS prevention method and character education to enrich one’s life.  Rev. Marshall gave his talk entitled, ’12 Reasons to Abstain’, illustrating the fact that the safest way to stay free from HIV infection is through abstinence, and following such a path can enrich one’s life in other ways as well.

Aside from the talks the WAIT Uganda team performed various song and dance routines emphasising, through performing arts, the need to take HIV/AIDS prevention seriously and to empower all the police officers in training to be upright and moral citizens.

The content of the session was very well received and a follow up meeting will be convened in the near future to respond to their request for a two week character education course to be taught at the academy.

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