Dakar - Senegal

IRFF UK has partnered with 'L'école Yonent Male Ibrahima' in Senegal.

A L'école Yonent Mame Ibrahima is a primary school in Dakar, Senegal. It was founded by Ambroise and Delaila Diagne in order to realize a dream: peace and harmony built through tolerance, understanding, compassion and love. 

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How the pupils are supported

The children at this school are supported financially by regular donors in France, Belgium and the UK enabling them to continue to attend school. Ongoing personal contact between sponsor and child is always encouraged and the annual visits provide a wonderful opportunity for each child to receive a gift pack assembled from items given and collected throughout the year.

Corporate Sponsorship


The project has also made a breakthrough in local corporate sponsorship when a South Korean tuna processing business, with a base in Dakar, donated 100 boxes of their product to local families who attended the end of term school celebration. Many local dignitaries also attended this event as a testimony to the recognition of the founders efforts and contributions to the project.

Upcoming Projects

Further work is required on this primary school project to complete the gates and finish the surfaces inside and out in  a manner that will not only provide the children with playground  security but the opportunity for them to paint beautiful murals to surround them every day.


The next crucial task is to extend to build a third floor which is currently under construction. This will enable more students to attend and a general expansion of the school.

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