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The Tricycle Charity Shop is at the heart of IRFF’s fundraising campaign. Based in Alton, UK, the charity store has a strong relationship with the local community.

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What is the Tricycle Charity Shop?

The Tricycle Charity Shop is a charity shop which was founded by Tessa and Markus Thonett, in partnership with IRFF UK.

Where is it based and who leads it?

The shop is based in Alton, UK. The shop is led by Tessa Thonett and Michelle Leach.

Who does the charity shop support?

The Tricycle Charity shop supports three different charities a month. One local, one national and one international: IRFF.

The local charity changes monthly, however, the national charity, British Kidney Care and the international charity, IRFF are constantly supported throughout the year. The shop is a key player in IRFF's fundraising efforts.