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WAIT Uganda is a chapter of WAIT, as part of the abstinence-based international program that encourages youth to refrain from sexual acitivity until they are old enough to have relationships and get married. The aim is to prevent youth catching sexually-transmitted illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, and lead a healthy life!

What is  WAIT Uganda?


WAIT Uganda is a project, supported by IRFF UK, that teaches young people, the value of abstinence before marriage as the best way to prevent catching sexually-transmitted illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, and lead a healthy life! Their aim is to save lives by being role models for other youth, teaching them values, as well as the performing arts and public speaking in order to be responsible for oneself and others!


When did WAIT Uganda start and by whom?

WAIT Uganda began in 2007 when a WAIT UK team visited Uganda and shared its message to several schools in different parts of Uganda. The UK team left behind a group of trained individuals, as well as materials for them to use. 


With abstinence no barriers or pills are necessary because the person is not being sexually intimate with others. Even someone who has been having sex can still choose abstinence to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  I am now free, the past is gone and the new life has come! Thank you WAIT–Uganda. 


Agnes, Head Prefect, Equator Secondary School


Where have WAIT Uganda spread their message?

In Uganda, WAIT have been to a number of schools, and set up either WAIT teams or WAIT Clubs. The schools include: 

1. Equator High school (Masaka District)

2. Africana High School (Kampala District)

3. King David Secondary school

4. Butale Mixed primary school - has a Junior WAIT team

5. St Jude vocational secondary school

6. Kalungu Muslim secondary school

7. St.maria Gorret primary school

8. Butende mixed primary school 

9. Bisajje primary school

10. Upland High school

What are the future goals of IRFF?

One certain goal is to eradicate HIV/AIDS in Uganda, the first country in the world to catch the disease back in the 80s! By promoting its message in schools and being accepted by the Departments of Health and Education, will help the goal being achieved more quickly...

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