Slovo Study Group

South Africa

We are reaching out to you on behalf of the Slovo Study Group, a determined group of 8 teenage students who are currently studying online through UCT Online High School, following the South African Education Department's CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement).

These students have set their sights on completing high school in Grade 12, the highest achievable grade in the South African school system. With their hard work and dedication, it is estimated that they will all earn their Matric Certificate within the next 3 years.

However, these students come from disadvantaged backgrounds where poverty is prevalent, and many households rely on a single breadwinner. Additionally, they face frequent power cuts due to power station load-shedding.

The Slovo Study Group is in urgent need of financial support to ensure uninterrupted online connectivity. These students require consistent access to the internet to continue their studies effectively.

To address this challenge, IRFF UK has been funding approximately R4000 - R5000 of data per month to enable their participation in the test series. By contributing to the Slovo Study Group, you will directly impact the lives of these determined students and help them overcome the barriers they face. Your support will ensure they have the necessary resources to stay connected and excel in their education.

We kindly ask for your generous donation to support the Slovo Study Group's educational journey. Together, we can empower these students and give them the opportunities they deserve.

Thank you for considering our appeal. Your contribution will make a significant difference.