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IRFF UK, a charity for Africa based in the UK, runs projects throughout Africa with a key focus on fighting poverty through education and tackling period poverty.

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Supporting African Communities from the UK

UK Based Charity for Africa

Our Charity Is Focused on Period Poverty & Education Support In Africa
IRFF UK is a UK-based charity for Africa operating projects across Africa with a dual focus on education and addressing period poverty. We are breaking the cycle of poverty by ensuring access to education for all and preventing female dropouts through the provision of menstruation products and education. Through this communities and youth are empowered and Africans are given the best chance for a brighter future.
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What Areas Does Our Charity Support In Africa?

Education Is Key To A Child Achieving Their Potential
At the core of our mission is a profound dedication to providing underprivileged African children with the vital opportunity of education. Recognising it as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, IRFF UK is committed to empowering these young minds, offering a pathway to a brighter future. Through access to quality education, we aim to unlock the potential within each child, enabling them to overcome the constraints of poverty and chart their course towards success.
Education Projects
Menstruation Should Not Be An Obstacle In Life
As a charity for Africa, IRFF UK holds a strong promise to help underprivileged African girls facing challenges, especially period poverty, which makes it hard for them to go to school. We are dedicated to breaking down these barriers by making sure these girls have what they need for their periods. By doing this, we empower these young minds, giving them the chance to stay in school, learn, and break free from the cycle of poverty.
IRFF UK Provides Essential Resources In Times Of Need
In times of sudden disasters, IRFF UK stands ready to provide immediate assistance through emergency relief efforts. We understand that quick action is crucial during these crises, and our commitment is to swiftly deliver aid to those affected. Whether it's natural disasters or unforeseen emergencies, with our charity work in Africa we aim to be a beacon of support, providing essential resources and helping communities rebuild. Your support enables us to respond rapidly and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing urgent challenges.
A Small Glimpse At The Difference IRFF UK Has Made

How IRFF UK has helped in Africa so far?

Kampala, Uganda

Destiny Junior School

Uganda Flag
IRFF UK built Destiny Junior School in 2009. The children in the local area have thrived ever since!
IRFF UK built Destiny Junior School in Kampala, Uganda in 2009, and has gone on to see more than 500 students graduates go into further education which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. £115,000 has been invested in total, starting from £330 a month and now at £1,150 with 206 students in total
Kampala, Uganda

Jigger Flea Removal

Uganda Flag
Education is key to teaching locals that Jiggers are not a curse from the Gods but rather a hygiene issue.
From 2009 to mid 2022, IRFF UK ran a Mobile Medical Team which travelled to rural villages of Uganda, removing jiggers (fleas) which burrow into people's feet. The team educated the locals on personal hygiene and explained this was not a curse from the Gods but rather a matter of personal and home hygiene. A total of £35,000 was invested.
DR Congo

Home For Children Project

DR Congo Flag
Natural Disasters cause intense stress and grief. Providing immediate emergency relief is a priority for IRFF UK.
Mount Nyiragongo erupted in 2021 leaving many homeless
IRFF UK focused our emergency relief on housing, feeding, educating 60 street children (war orphans) in Goma, Dr Congo including supporting a house building project to replace a previous house destroyed by volcano lava.  Total investment £14,650 since 2019.
Why Choose IRFF UK?

What makes our charity for Africa unique?

What sets IRFF UK apart is our commitment to more than just being intermediaries in fund transfers.
We prioritise a comprehensive approach centred on education and empowerment to uplift individuals from poverty.
Our unique focus is on equipping people with the skills necessary for self-sustainability, fostering independence rather than dependence on Western donations.
We believe in creating lasting change by empowering individuals to build a better future for themselves and their communities.
How Can You Get Involved?

How Can You Support Our Charities Work In Africa?

Supporting IRFF UK's mission to make a meaningful impact is easy and impactful. You can contribute to our cause by making a donation, whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring contribution. Your financial support directly funds our projects, from education and poverty alleviation to emergency relief efforts.

Consider spreading awareness about our work by sharing our stories on social media or participating in our fundraising events.

Period Poverty Charity

Volunteering your time and skills is another invaluable way to support our charity for Africa’s initiatives. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those in need, fostering sustainable change and empowerment.

What Our Donors Are Saying

Your efforts in the areas of education, health and sustainability are vital in certain countries and truly appreciated.My family will continue to sponsor a child at Destiny Junior School in Uganda, and will endeavour to support other causes that IRFF UK informs us about.
Marshall de Souza
Destiny School Sponsor
The Women’s Federation for World Peace, South London, has been supporting Destiny Junior School through IRFF-UK for more than 12 years. Our ladies sincerely had been helping to provide a better place for the children of Destiny Junior School in Uganda. We believe Education and health are the most important things for the life of the child.
Dolores Read
Destiny School Sponsor
I have been happy to support some projects that IRFF is running in Uganda. In particular, I have donated funds towards the building of a perimeter wall and a borehole at Destiny School. I really appreciate the good work IRFF has been doing over the years to help people/children in Africa.
Joyce Suda
Destiny School Donor
I'm so happy to volunteer for IRFF, a UK-registered charity that directly impacts on many young children's education and wellbeing, as well as its support for training young women in various skills. More recently, it has embarked on a period poverty campaign and I urge all who visit this website to help out in any way they can.
Terry Sweeney
IRFF UK Volunteer

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