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Finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease.

IRFF UK at a Glance

Our Vision

The International Relief Friendship Foundation, (IRFF) is dedicated to the purpose of finding practical solutions to the global problems of poverty, suffering and disease while promoting opportunities for long-term sustainable development for communities in need.

Current Fundraisers

Sponsor a Child

We are proud to offer a Child and Teacher Sponsorship program at Destiny Junior School. Click below to find out more.

Image by Vadim Sadovski

Hope For Children

IRFF UK's partner project 'Hope For Children' has been massively affected by the recent volcanic eruption in DR Congo. Find out how you can help here.

Our Projects

Destiny Junior School

A school built by IRFF for underprivileged children in Uganda.

Mobile Medical Team

A Mobile team which removes Jiggers

Girl Child Project

Helping teenage girls in Uganda deal with hygiene and menstruation.

Kawule Farm

A farm created to fund IRFF Uganda in the aim for self sustainability.

Wait Uganda

Education of HIV/AIDS prevention

The Tricycle Shop

UK's fundraising effort


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