Where our story begins

IRFF UK was set up in 1980 with the Vision to provide education, relief and improved health support to disadvantaged people, and enable sustainable development where we can.
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Mission Statement

Providing financial support for ongoing programmes run by teams in the countries where IRFF chooses to work.

Providing financial support for starting up new initiatives, aiding the teams working in the field to achieve self-sufficiency.

Teaching management skills, which a team can use locally to communicate better and to improve their ability to become self-sufficient.

Over the past 40 years IRFF UK has gone through many different stages of development. Presently, our activities fall under two categories, Education and Period Poverty.


Where provision of such education or training is not necessarily given: Primary and Secondary Education, as well as Vocational Training, to  prepare the youth for adult life and employment. Also benefiting their families and communities.

Period Poverty

Assistance in healthcare: providing girls in period poverty with menstrual products, which prevents them from losing days from school every month. Also educating them on menstrual hygiene

Our team

IRFF UK has highly motivated people, primarily volunteers, in the six countries we currently work in. They are working hard to improve themselves so as to achieve higher levels of self-sufficiency. And they are prepared to deliver the services needed.

The programmes IRFF UK support are literally life-savers and life-changers for the current 1,600 beneficiaries in Africa, but we see great potential to help many more.

Why Choose IRFF UK?

All funds we send to Africa go directly to the people who spend it charitably - and account for it.

Donations are not channelled through any "extractive" system. This means that 100% of donations received go to the local project teams.

Featured Campaigns

Although IRFF UK has a good number of regular donors, there are always additional demands on funding due to changing circumstances. We are currently seeking to raise £19,000 between April 2023 to March 2024 to meet the needs of the current projects we are helping and naturally, unforeseen needs.

Destiny Junior School Sponsor

Become a Destiny Junior School Donor for £10 a month

Shine South Africa

SHINE at Walmer School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Slovo Study Group Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Relieving suffering

Our new initiative of funding more period poverty projects aligns with our ultimate goal of relieving poverty and suffering in developing countries.


We have already launched these projects in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda

Expansion Plans

We hope to expand out to Gambia and Zambia in the second half of 2023, if possible.

Apart from our charity shop in Alton we are completely dependent on the generosity of our donors, whether individuals, companies or charities.Your donation, whether big or small, will help us to support these 1,600+ beneficiaries in Africa. Any size of donation, at any time, helps us to help them.

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