Introducing 'Gambian Girl’s Empowerment and Skills Project' to Mobile, Alabama

April 8, 2024

GESTP was started in 2022 in Sukuta, Gambia. It is a 5-month training programme for 25 girls in tie & dye, batik skills as well as business and computer skills. The purpose is to empower and give young women vocational skillsets to help progress their futures and reach their full potential.

Since the completion of the first cohort, some of the garments made by cohort 1 were brought to Alabama and were displayed in the form of a fashion show at a festival in Mobile as well as on a “Gambia” stand manned by Margret. The project was very well received and people inquired about the possibility of sponsoring the girls in their education.

After a successful first cohort, IRFF UK is aiming to run two cohorts a year. The project is gaining a reputation and girls from other towns near Sukuta have shown an interest to participate. The participants for the second cohort have already been selected. This project will continue into 2023 and beyond.

The project comes at a cost of $250 per girl for each cohort. The second cohort has already been financed, however, so we are looking for continued support for their graduation ceremony and for next year's participants. We also have the goal of possible expansion to a second location with a second team.

Your support would mean the world to these girls, empowering these young women to not only become independent and self-sufficient but also to gain more opportunities to contribute to their country.

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