Destiny Junior School

Uganda - Sponsor a Child

In Uganda, a significant percentage of children drop out of school before they complete secondary education. The lack of adequate facilities and poor academic performance are the leading causes of this trend. The issue worsens in rural areas, where poverty is rampant, and children struggle to access quality education. Destiny Junior School is working hard to bridge this gap by providing early years education and teaching students how to read and write.

However, we face significant challenges in providing essential infrastructure and support to our students. Currently, we need an additional £2,600 to complete the plastering of our security wall and £820 to furnish one of our classrooms. We also need funds to provide meals for our students, pay our teachers' salaries, rent properties for housing our teachers, buy educational materials, and pay medical bills for our students.

By supporting Destiny Junior School, you will help us attain the necessary materials to complete essential infrastructure work and provide an excellent education to our students. For just £10 per month, you could sponsor a student and provide them with nutritious meals, clothes, and shelter. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty and give these children a brighter future.

We sincerely appreciate your support and generosity.

Destiny Junior School Sponsor